Educational Fund Honorees

Each year through 2012 AAUW Prescott honored members who have exhibited an exemplary effort in supporting the AAUW Mission in our community and beyond. Nationally, many branches honor EF Fund recipients annually.

1993Elizabeth Sturm2003Susan King
Linda Seyler
Jan Steiner
1994Anne Phetteplace2004no award given
1995Lucy Fields
Mary Shenefield
Alta Thebaud
2005Suzanne deLong
Sue Lynch
Bonnie Waterer
1996Vanette Hickey
Annette Schiller
Marge Smith
2006Claudia Greenwood
Sharon Scanlan
Laury Shayne
1997Priscilla Hall
Katrine McCormick
Sharon Reeves
Carol Stafford
2007Gail Bromley
Cathy Cunningham
Jo-Ann Johnson
Sharon Phelps
1998Doris Piatak
June Ruth
Vera Stewart
2008Nora Fairfield
Carol Stafford
Zibbie Wolter
1999Wini Daniel
Mary Hansen
Dorothy Hodgers
Helen Shannon
2009Sharyn Baker
Pat Folsom
BJ Forshee
2000May Mallory
Kim Potthast
Marjorie Sloan
Tamara Voss
Shirley Wells
2010Ovita Franz
Kristi McHugh
Lynn Ray
Kaye Shriver
2001Worth Mallory
Mary Alice Moulton
Sally Plummer
Colleen Scott
Edi Taylor-Richards
2011Stephanie Brown
Marge Rubin
Sara Wolters
2002Sarah Dinham
Ann Janecek
Rita Sanchez-Wolfe
Elaine Smith
2012Sharon Groves
Sara DeRouchey
Kathryn Madden
Laurel Shunk