Prescott’s Sister-to-Sister Program Celebrates its 10th year!

Claudia Greenwod, founder of Sister to Sister program

Claudia Greenwod, founder of Sister to Sister program

Ten years ago members of Prescott Branch decided to search for a way to bring the national Sister-to-Sister program to town. They found willing partners in the Yavapai College Educational Talent Search (ETS) team and set to work to create an opportunity
for first generation college bound students to meet with college graduates. AAUW members were delighted to have lunch with the girls, to talk about the difference college had made in their lives, and to help bring into focus a future filled with opportunities for each of the teens.

What started small, about fifteen teens from one school and 15 AAUW members, has grown to include youngwomen from five local high schools, student panelists from each of the three colleges in the area, welcome and keynote speakers, round-table discussions, and plenty of time for sharing dreams to be formed and realities to be addressed and overcome. Yavapai College now is the site of every event.

This program, supported in part by an AAUW-Arizona Community Action Grant, has already made a difference in the lives of the nearly 500 girls we have hosted. More of these students complete high school successfully and attend post-secondary programs than ever before in the tri-city area.

After the November 13th event, students remarked: “I liked being able to talk to a person who really tries to understand and connect.” “I enjoyed how everyone was really friendly and inviting. “I got to learn a lot about the paths everyone took to be where they are today.  “ I liked that we got to talk with actual university graduates!” “It’s a pretty amazing program!”