TECH SAVVY Prescott: 2016

The Tech Savvy Committee woukd like to thank the students, parents, the AAUW Prescott vounteers, and the Yavapai College faculty and staff who worked so hard on this project. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Tech Savvy 2016 was a great success! Here are some photos of our workshops and volunteers:

History of Tech Savvy

Tech Savvy was founded in 2006 by engineer and AAUW Buffalo (NY) Branch member Tamara Brown as a way to encourage middle school girls to explore careers in STEM while giving families information about college preparedness and financial planning. Since then the program has grown to serve over 500 girls and their families in Buffalo every year at the University of Buffalo.

AAUW’s groundbreaking Why So Few? Women in STEM research report, published in 2010, explores the ways that stereotypes and unconscious biases discourage women from pursuing STEM education. Why So Few? highlights the value of introducing girls to new STEM careers in middle school, in a positive environment with access to role models and an emphasis on teaching girls that math and science skills can grow over time. Based on the recommendations in Why So Few AAUW saw the value of Tech Savvy and decided to expand this exciting program nationally.

Yavapai College and AAUW Prescott decided to combine resources and present a Tech Savvy program for girls here in Prescott in 2016. We were awarded a $5000 grant from AAUW national for the program. Six members of the Prescott AAUW branch and Yavapai College staff planned and coordinated the program, and an additional twenty-five AAUW Prescott volunteers worked with Yavapai College volunteers to make the day a success!