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Did you love treasure hunts when you were small? Do you like solving puzzles? If so, you’ll love geocaching! Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game. We meet as one group (which can include spouses), and then divide up into small groups of three or four to hunt for geocaches.

looking in bush

As  It’s got to be around here somewhere…

We meet on the second Wednesday of the month, and the time we meet varies by season – usually early in the morning during the warmer months, and later in the morning or sometimes in the afternoon when the weather is cold. Before or after the hunt we often gather at a nearby restaurant or coffee house to refresh and compare notes. 

Geocaching is a worldwide sport, and there are thousands of geocaches in Arizona – including more than geocaching_logo_lg32,000 within 10 miles of Prescott. We are guided to these “treasures” not with a map, but with a GPS. But don’t worry if you don’t have a GPS enabled phone or stand-alone GPS device. When we divide up into smaller groups, we make sure that at least one person in each group has a GPS device to lead the group. As mentioned above, after each hunt there is an opportunity to socialize at a nearby coffee house or restaurant to compare notes and learn from each other, and we may even engage a little bragging about our prowess at discovering the hidden caches!

Found it!

Found it!

If you are interested in joining, contact Sara DeRouchey who is the group facilitator. Besides the geocaching hunts, we also meet occasionally to learn more about operating our GPS’s/Smartphone Geocaching apps and to acquire more information about the various types of geocaches. This coming year we will also be  solving some puzzle caches together, learning more about using the Groundspeak phone app and, and doing some multi-caches and letterbox hybrids too.  
Geocache Links: 2-minute video about geocaching 

Geocaching Group Schedule

Date / TimeMeeting PlaceSocial After GeocachingGeocachesHunt LeaderRSVP to:
Jun 14 / 7:15amCarpool: Meet at 7:15am near Starbucks and FedEx in the Walmart Shopping Center on Iron Springs OR Meet at Mountain Valley Park in PV at 7:45am (Park is near intersection of Loos Dr. and Robert Rd. Enter from Loos Dr.)Backburner Restaurant
8400 E. Long Mesa Drive, PV
It's Classified GC 3FZKBSara DeRoucheySara DeRouchey
July 12 / 8:00amNear Taco Bell in the Fry's shopping center on Willow Creek. We will carpool to Mingus Mtn. recreation area.lunch in Jerome at the Haunted HamburgerIt's Classified (final cache) GC3FZKB
A Short Walk #1
Neat Alligator
Potato Patch #2 Little Spud
Potato Patch
Termite #3
Termite #6 The New Pad
Woodchute Trail #1, 2, & 3
MM1,2, & 3
Beyond the Corral
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Sara DeRoucheySara DeRouchey
Aug 9 / 9:30amElsea Room, Prescott Public LibraryTBDLearning session for using Smartphones and GPS's for geocaching. Also bring your laptop if you want learn to send a list directly to your GPS. We'll have handouts.Sara DeRouchey
Sept 13 / timeTBATBATBATBA
Oct 11 / 8:00amNear Taco Bell in the Fry's shopping center on Willow Creek. We will carpool to Sedona Airport Loop TrailLunch in Sedona, restaurant TBACaches along the Airport Loop Trail in Sedona. Details to followSara DeRoucheySara DeRouchey
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