Dining in All Directions Interest Group

Wendy Jones

Sandra Bennett

Dot Williamson

Dot Williamson

Leaders: Dot Williamson & Sandra Bennett
Contact: diningalldirections@aauwprescott.net for more information or to join.

Dining in all Direction members enjoy unique dining experiences ranging from casual dinner parties to advanced gourmet.

Dining in All Directions WEB

      • Meet and dine with other AAUW members and their partners.
      • Groups range in size from 6 to 8 diners.  2016-17 Dining in All Directions Group Members and Rules of the Road.
      • Groups stay together from approximately September to June, meeting once at each member’s home.
      • Hostess decides the menu theme and provides the main entrée and beverages.
      • Other menu components, i.e., appetizers, soup/salad, vegetables, and/or dessert, rotate so each member has an opportunity to cook one of the menu elements.