Healthy Living Group

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Tracy Smiles

Tracy Smiles

Coordinator: Tracy Smiles

New in 2016, the Healthy Living Group’s mission is to share information that will stimulate, motivate, and educate, helping members to incorporate healthy living practices into our everyday lives, while allowing for individual differences.

We are a leaderless group with different members volunteering to lead the discussion on a variety of chosen topics each month. We meet on the first Tuesday morning of the month in the Elsea Room at Prescott Public Library. Please check our current schedule for any changes. Sara DeRouchey is our contact person if you are interested in joining the group.

Date /TimeLocationTopicDiscussion LeaderComments
Aug 2 / 9:00am / Prescott Public Library, Elsea RoomGlutenElaine Lawson
Sept 6 / 10:00amPrescott Public Library, Elsea RoomSpices & HerbsJoanne Sandlin
Oct 4 / 9:00amPrescott Public Library, Elsea Roomgeneral discussion
Nov 1 / 10:00amPrescott Public Library, Elsea RoomMindful EatingSara DeRouchey
Dec 6 / 10:00amPrescott Public Library, Elsea RoomBalance (Physical)Gwen CoxWe will have a physical therapist presenter.
Jan 3 / 10:00amPrescott Public Library, Elsea RoomBack ExerciseMarlene WalshWe will have a physical therapist presenter.
Feb 7 / 10:00amPrescott Public Library, Bump RoomVitamin D & Healthy FoodsJanis Wright
Mar 7 / 10:00amPrescott Public Library, Bump RoomDaily Exercise: How to Start an Exercise ProgramGwen CoxWe will have a physical therapist presenter
April 4 / 10:00amPrescott Public Library, Elsea RoomSkin Care: Dry SkinDot Williamson
May 2 / 10:00anPrescott Public Library, Bump RoomPlanning Session for New Discussion TopicsTracy Smiles
Jun 6 / 10:00amPrescott Public LIbrary, Elsea RoomWhy is Sugar the New Bad...and Is it Really??Sara DeRouchey
No meetings in July and August
Other topics under consideration: Movies: The Founder, Fast Food Nation; Vitamin C; Bone Broth: Good for You?; Organic products vs. Traditionally Grown; Importance of Iodine