Newsletter Jan-Feb 2016

President’s Message

Gail Shay

Gail Shay, President

  by Gail Shay

“When it is dark enough you can see the stars.” (Charles Beard)

At this holiday season it seems dark in many ways, not just from the shortened days of winter, but from so many of the world’s events that conspire to bring us down. For that reason, I love the quote above, which gives us hope. AAUW is one of those stars, both nationally and here in Prescott. Our organization makes us proud and gives us a way to reach out and touch each other personally and as strong women who have much to give to others.

AAUW’s national agenda is constantly on point to bring women’s issues to the fore and work to ensure equality for women and girls in so many ways: seeking economic justice through pay equality, calling attention to the increasing problem of human sex trafficking, fighting against gender-based violence, especially on campuses, and promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers for girls. One or more of these issues touches each one of us, and AAUW Prescott continues to pursue this agenda as well. It really does matter that we contribute to this agenda both personally and as a branch of the organization, and I’m very pleased at the enthusiasm and effort you, our members, display.

With your help and vision, we continue to examine and work on the issues, particularly through our Public Policy and Community Action Committees, with our meeting topics, volunteering, and generous financial support. And as a branch, we are very excited to be working with Yavapai College with a brand new Tech Savvy program in April, which will bring in 7th and 8th grade girls to do hands-on learning about many STEM careers.

So here’s to your involvement and caring, and here’s to a brand new year full of stars. Happy New Year!



January General Meeting

                                  Saturday, January 9, 2016

 Arizona Legislative History & Key Bills for 2016

Every spring, our legislature meets to consider new bills, which can have a significant impact on our lives. At this presentation you will learn about the main themes in legislation from the past few years and bills of interest to AAUW members that will be introduced in the future.

DrAnneSchneider-aOur speaker is Dr. Anne Larason Schneider 

Anne Larason Schneider is a native of Oklahoma. She attended Oklahoma State University and earned her PhD in Political Science from Indiana University. She taught at Yale, Oklahoma State and Arizona State, where she served as Dean of the College of Public Programs for 15 years. Her long-time interest is in teaching about the role of public policy in a democracy. After retiring from Arizona State University, she began publishing an Arizona Legislative Alert—an embedded email letter on public policy and legislative issues in Arizona.

Plan to attend Legislative Day                                  Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Meet and talk to your elected officials in Phoenix. This is your opportunity to discuss AAUW concerns with legislators. You can make a difference!

8 to 9 am            Coffee and Rolls
9 to 10 am           Education Panel on Education Funding in Arizona and Prop 123

Q and A Panel members:

  • Rep. Dr. Eric Meyer                          District 28
  • Rep. Reginald Bolding Jr                 District 27
  • Rep. Heather Carter                          District 15
  • Rep. Chris Ackerley                           District 2
  • Rep. Doug Coleman                           District 16

10 to 11 am        Point People Update
11 to 1 pm          Appointments and Lunch (on your own)
1 pm                   House or Senate (AAUW presented)

Carpooling will be organized by Susan Lanning and Molly Devine

February General Meeting

 Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pregnancy, Motherhood and Choice in the Twentieth Century

Pregnancy Motherhood Choice in the 20th CenturyJoin us for a presentation based on excerpts from the book Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Choice in the Twentieth Century written by Dr. Mary Melcher. She will discuss Arizona women and the birth control movement. Margaret Sanger, the pioneering advocate of birth control, helped women organize the first “Mothers’ Health Clinic” in Tucson in 1934. Then she worked with volunteers, such as Peggy Goldwater, to organize a clinic in Phoenix. These volunteers dealt with varying religious ideals and the need to fundraise to keep their clinics open, but they preserved in their effort to give women a means to control their fertility.

Mary Melcher began collecting oral histories with elderly women when she was an undergraduate at the University of Montana. This experience fueled her desire to learn more about women’s history and the topic of women and reproduction. Throughout her career, she has continued to conduct oral histories which have helped her to understand the topics of childbirth, birth control and abortion. She earned her doctorate in history from ASU in 1994, with emphasis on the twentieth-century United States, the West, and women’s history. Dr. Mary Melcher is an AAUW Prescott member and currently serves as the Education Director at Sharlot Hall Museum.

Income Tax Deduction on AAUW Dues  

This is just a reminder that a portion of your National AAUW dues is tax deductible for the year 2015. If you paid the full amount of $85 for the year, you can deduct $46. If you joined between January 1, 2014, and March 15, 2015 paid the ½ price of $42.50, the portion of your National Dues that is deductible is $23.00.

If you are uncertain as to what your status is, please feel free to contact our Treasurer by phone or e-mail (see Membership Directory).

Holiday Brunch Highlights Christmas wreath

This year’s AAUW Holiday Brunch was held on December 12, 2015, at the Historic Hotel St. Michael. Over sixty AAUW Prescott members celebrated this holiday and a successful year.


The welcome desk

The welcome desk.

Chatting with friends

Chatting with AAUW friends.





Brunch is served

Brunch is served.

Enjoying ourselves

Enjoying ourselves.





Mover & Shaker Award

Brunch_Shaker-aClaudia Greenwood was welcomed to the hardworking group of AAUW Prescott Movers and Shakers by Sara Wolters, last year’s winner. Sara shared some of the talents of this special member as identified by the selection committee:

    Claudia has been an AAUW member for many years – even before she came to Prescott. She has served on the AAUW Prescott Board and the AAUW Arizona Board.
    She demonstrates the strength of her convictions as she increases AAUW’s visibility in the community through support of the AAUW mission.
    She recognizes and promotes the talents of women and girls through her links with Yavapai College and local high schools as she implements the LEAD program and Sister-to-Sister Luncheon.
    She is a kind and gentle woman… and not a push-over… she can accept a challenge and see it through.

Rookie AwardRookie of the Year Award

Patti Allen LaFleur, last year’s winner of the Rookie of the Year Award, introduced the audience to this year’s winner – Donna Gaddy.

Donna is honored for her outstanding involvement in branch activities and for volunteering in a broad range of areas in the short time she has been a member. She was a reliable and cheerful volunteer in this past summer’s successful LEAD program at Yavapai College. She gathered volunteers for the 2014 Summer Social, organized the food, arranged the table decorations, made phone calls, and the night of the event handled everything with competency and calm.

Star Award:  50 Wonderful Years of Service to AAUW

Congratulations to Joy Evans who is celebrating 50 years of membership in AAUW!

Joy first joined AAUW in 1965 in New Jersey as a member in the Somerset County Branch. She was an active part of the Book Discussion Group and worked several years on the Book Sale and as the chair of this fundraiser. In 1970, Joy moved to Albuquerque, NM and joined the AAUW branch there. Her interest groups included volunteering at the museum gift shop and for the opera guild.

Joy Evans

Joy Evans celebrates 50 years in AAUW

Between 1979 and 1999, she lived in Monument, CO and Dana Point, CA and was a member-at-large during these years. Joy also obtained her M.A. degree in Guidance/Counseling at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and taught at Saddleback College in California. In 1999, Joy and her husband arrived in Prescott. They built their home here and left when her retired spouse became involved in Interim Ministry work. In 2000, they were in Wyoming and in 2002 they found themselves in Fort Morgan, CO. During this period, Joy remained a member-at-large. In 2003 the family moved to Lakewood, CO for more Interim Ministry work in a church there. Joy did join the local branch and was part of “The Ramblin’ Readers Book Group.”

In May 2005, Joy and her husband returned to Prescott to stay and she has been a member in our branch for ten years. She is a member of the Wednesday Morning Book Group since she joined and became the Interest Group Leader in 2011.

Joy enjoys book discussions and has been active in one book group or another for 50 years. Joy Evans was honored at the Prescott AAUW general meeting on November 14.

New Member Gathering is January 23cupcake

Attention new members! All members of AAUW Prescott who have joined in the last year and have not previously attended one of these events are invited to our New Member Gathering on Saturday, January 23, from 10:00 a.m. to noon, at the home of Melinda Anderson. (The address and directions will be sent to those who RSVP.)

We offer this gathering to welcome and orient our newest members to the organization. It is a chance to socialize and get to know some of the people behind the organization as well as fellow new members; there will be a nice mix of seasoned board members and “newbies” attending. Invitations will go out soon, but if we somehow missed you, please contact one of our Membership Co-VP’s, so we can add your name to the list.

RSVP to Membership Co-VP’s, Marlene Walsh and Melinda Anderson, by email at

Community Action

Sister-to-Sister            February 11, 2016 

Holly Kenley

Holli Kenley

Present AAUW member, former public educator and family therapist, Holli Kenley has taken special interest in the well-being of young people and their individual struggles. Focusing much of her work in the recovery areas of abuse and trauma, Holli has honed her skills around the concept of individual worth as it relates to personal choice.

Most recently, Holli has published “Another Way,” a journey into the lives of teenagers as they make personal choices around social behaviors. In her presentation to the students at the luncheon, Holli will challenge them to respect themselves and others through an empowering three-part process: discovering, defining, and determining their worth.

Her book, The Power of Worth, is the true story of one of Holli’s students who left a legacy of self-respect, accountability, and responsibility in the form of a 5-Point Personal Code of Conduct. This young man has been Holli’s inspiration and guide in her preparation of the book and this presentation.

To join 39 other AAUW members, please send an e-mail to Claudia Greenwood. Then by January 30, send a check for $20 to Prescott AAUW in care of our treasurer, Gayle Rumble.

To our new members: Sister-to-Sister is the centerpiece of our community action program. Do join us as we inspire 40 young women to make good choices, among them completing high school and going beyond. For ten years we have been making a difference in the lives of our little sisters!

Reservations, in the form of a check for $20, made out to Prescott AAUW are due by January 30 to the Prescott AAUW Treasurer. DETAILS OF THE EVENT WILL BE SENT TO THOSE WHO REGISTER.

RoboticsGive Teachers a Hand helps our local, hard-working, underpaid teachers. This is an opportunity for AAUW members to volunteer!

Prescott Mile High Middle School’s Robotics Teams are hosting a VEX Robotics Competition on Saturday, January 16, 2016.  On that day, there will be Middle School and High School Teams from all over Arizona coming to Prescott to compete. The VEX Robotics Competition prepares students to become future innovators with 95% of participants reporting an increased interest in STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) subject areas and pursuing STEM-related careers.

This event is being coordinated by Ryan Anderson, a 7th Grade Earth/Space Science Teacher at Prescott Mile High Middle School.  If you are interested in volunteering contact Ryan Anderson directly at or 928-717-3241 (PMHMS office number). Let him know that you are with AAUW.

Hostesses Needed:  March Neighborhood Meetings!

Each March we gather in small groups in the home of a member. This is the time when you are given the opportunity to give suggestions to strengthen our branch, and to enjoy each other’s company in a smaller setting.We are looking for 8 volunteers who would be willing to host a meeting in their home. There will be a board member present at each meeting to facilitate the discussion, and attendees will be asked to help with refreshments.

There will be a sign-up sheet at the January meeting for hostesses for the following neighborhood groups:Neighborhood

  • Copper Basin-Timber Ridge, East Prescott
  • South Prescott
  • Thumb Butte, Central Prescott
  • W. Iron Springs, Forest Trails
  • Willow Creek, NE Willow Creek
  • Prescott Lakes, The Dells
  • Wm Valley No., Granite Oaks, Southview
  • Prescott Valley

Public Policy

Debra Whiteby Debra White

Prescott Public Policy Committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month at Prescott Public Library. More information about the topic for the month or speaker can be found on our branch website. Please welcome Molly Divine to our committee. Molly will be taking over for Susan Lanning as Co-Chair.

Our topic for our January Meeting will be Tech Savvy. Members of the Tech Savvy Committee will share information about the program and ways that our branch members can get involved and volunteer and/or donate to the program.

The February Public Policy Meeting will focus on preparation and information for Legislative Day in Phoenix. We should have a definitive schedule by that time and want to discuss questions and issues we may want to raise when meeting with our legislator. Legislative Day is always an interesting and informative day. We will be making car pool plans to travel to Phoenix and Susan Lanning and Molly Divine will be coordinating the day for our members.


Thank you with flowersMurphy Lynnby Lynne Murphy

Two Small Words:  Thank You

Scholarships change lives! Students succeed because they have the ability to dream, to reach for their goals, and to meet obstacles with confidence. Childcare is often the first big obstacle female students must tackle when entering college. With help from AAUW’s Mary Alice Moulton (MAM) scholarship, Yavapai College students receive financial help (and peace of mind) each semester, so that their children can attend the top preschool in this area.

As Ashley Darling, a YC student, stated, “I feel so honored and very blessed that my son is in the best preschool in the Prescott area. He feels safe, has made friends, excels academically, and, above all, he comes home from school all giggly and bouncy.” She continues by saying, “Being the recipient of this scholarship helps me feel like I’ve made the right choices. It lets me know that I am doing the right thing for my children, while following my own dreams.” Ashley sent a Thank You card to AAUW, it said, “Your kindness really made a difference, your thoughtfulness really touched my heart, and the gratitude I feel really can’t be put into words.”

Michelle Hernandez, a single mom, says, “I definitely think the FEC (Family Enrichment Center) is the best daycare facility in town. I want to say how grateful I am to have been awarded this scholarship.”

The mother of four, Kathryne Welch, realized that, though working very hard, she still could not provide well for her family without further education. Today she is pursuing a degree in technology and hopes to graduate in the near future. “It has been a struggle, but I will be able to advance in my career field and provide an even better life for the family. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity in providing me with the means to achieve my goals.”

Steve Walker, VP, College Advancement Executive Director, Yavapai College Foundation said, “Because of you (AAUW), they are walking the path of higher education with the understanding that someone believes in them—and that makes all the difference.”

Save these dates: Spring Fundraiser – April 21 and May 21, 2016  AAUW Prescott will travel by bus to the Camp Verde YC campus to visit the wine center, have lunch, taste wines, visit your grape vine (if you planted one), learn more about the degree program being offered, and bolster the scholarship fund. Everything is included for the $50 fee. We’re just taking one bus each time, so make your reservation ASAP at the January meeting. More information will be available at that time. This promises to be a FUN event!


AAUW and Yavapai College
are proud to present the

First Annual Tech Savvy Event
for 7th & 8th Grade Girls
April 23, 2016

Support National AAUW and GO LOCAL!

Your can donate today or you can donate online:
Simply designate your National Donation to go to Tech Savvy

Interest Groups

Prescott Valley Book Group

Boys_in the BoatAfter taking December off, the Prescott Valley Book Group will meet on Friday, January 15, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. The January book selection is “Boys in the Boat” by Daniel J. Brown.

The PV Book Group meets on the 3rd Friday of the month at the Prescott Valley Library, in the Genealogy Room on the 2nd floor. Up-coming selections include: “The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion” by Fannie Flagg for February 19th and “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder for March 18th.

We have space available for new members. If you are interested, contact Susan Goe, or just come to our meeting on January 15th!


Geocaching in November

Geocaching in November

Jean Morin, Janet Orr, and Julie Appletree found lots of treasures Geocaching on Groom Creek Trail #307. Geocaching adventures are the 4th Monday each month. All are welcome to join the adventure! Contact Jean Morin.