Newsletter March-April 2016

MARCH NEIGHBORHOOD MEETINGS                March 12, 2016

PRESCOTT EAGLE RIDGE editedEach March, AAUW Prescott members gather in small groups in the homes of  members. This is the time when you are given the opportunity to make suggestions to strengthen our branch, and to enjoy each others’ company in a smaller setting. Each hostess will contact her group members with attendance details. Please watch for an email from your neighborhood hostess.

Copper Basin-Timber Ridge, Central Prescott Debbie Thomas
South PrescottDot Williamson
Thumb ButteJoan Brown
W. Iron Springs, Forest TrailsSandra Hennigan
Willow Creek, NE Willow CreekAnne Barton (changed)
The DellsHeryl Kroopnick
Wm Valley No, Granite Oaks, SouthviewEleanor Wolfe
Prescott ValleyLouise Dubel
East PrescottJulie Ellegood

President’s Message 

Gail Shay

Gail Shay, President

As Vicky Carr once said, “When you’re young and someone tells you what you are and shows you how to be proud, you’ve got a head start.” And that is just what we Prescott AAUW members are doing with our Sister-to-Sister program and our upcoming Tech Savvy program. The February 11th Sister-to-Sister luncheon and program lived up to all the past programs we have put on, and we were able to touch the lives of many young girls in our area. By reaching out to middle school girls for the Tech Savvy program, we will also give many girls an excellent head start in thinking about college and possible careers, especially STEM careers.

Meanwhile, we have all had a chance to experience some good and very informative programs at our general meetings. Our January meeting by Dr. Anne Schneider gave us a heads-up about Arizona legislation in preparation for our February Legislative Day in Phoenix. Whether or not we go to Phoenix for that day, we are still more informed about current legislation and its progress in the Legislature.

In February, we learned much from Dr. Mary Melcher, Education Director at Sharlot Hall Museum, about the situation for women in Arizona with regard to family planning and contraception in the 1930’s and 40’s. Those women, back then, were fighting many of the same battles we fight today, but surprisingly they had some powerful and well-known supporters in their cause.

We hope to see you all at our neighborhood meetings in March. It’s such a pleasant way to connect with those people who live near you and engage in a more intimate dialog with fellow Prescott AAUW members. We also hope to see you on the wine tours in April and May in support of AAUW Prescott’s Scholarship Programs. That also promises to be a lot of fun!

See you soon!

Gail Shay


AAUW Prescott Budget 2016-17 

The budget is based on an average of 175 members throughout the year.  In February 2016, there are 204 actual members. Click here for a printable version of the AAUW Prescott Approved Budget for 2016-17.

AAUW_Approved budget 2016-17edited Sheet1

AAUW News: Notes

 ♦ Tell Prospective AAUW Prescott  Members!

Do you have a friend who is considering AAUW Prescott membership next year? Many people don’t realize that if you join after March 15th, dues of $85 cover membership until July 1st of the following year. What a deal!

So, if you have a friend who is thinking of joining, you might want to give her a nudge by making her aware of this policy!

♦ Income Tax Deduction on AAUW Dues  5IRS_TN

This is just a reminder that a portion of your National AAUW dues is tax deductible for the year 2015. If you paid the full amount of $85 for the year, you can deduct $46. If you joined between January 1, 2014, and March 15, 2015, and paid the ½ price of $42.50, the portion of your National Dues that is deductible is $23.00. If you are uncertain as to what your status is, please feel free to contact our Treasurer by phone or email (see Membership Directory).




Join us at the April 9th, general meeting to hear Terry Goddard speak about Dark Money and its implications on the political process. Terry Goddard is an Arizona native and ASU College of Law Graduate. He was the mayor of Phoenix from 1983 to 1990 and was elected Arizona Attorney General in 2002. He was re-elected in 2006.   Faced with the ongoing threat of “Dark Money” in Arizona elections, Mr. Goddard founded the nonprofit group Voice of the People (VPA). His goal was to make the initiative process more viable. The first major goal of VPA will be to stop dark money by requiring full disclosure of all major contributions to Arizona candidates.


AAUW Prescott Board Nominations for 2016-17 

 AAUW Prescott Nominating Committee has developed the following slate of nominees for 2016-2017 officers.  Election for these offices will be held during the annual business meeting in April. Nominations may also be made from the floor at that time – with the nominee’s permission.

Claudette Krupnick

Corresponding Secretary – Claudette Krupnick

Lynne Murphy

President Elect – Lynne Murphy









Nancy DelMar

Program Co-VP – Nancy DelMar

Betsy Peek

Membership Co-VP – Betsy Peek








Your Photo is needed for the Directory by June 30th, 2016 

Stephanie BrownContributed by Stephanie Brown

The next printed directory will be distributed in September which gives us about 4 months to gather photos for new members and redo a photo for anyone who would like a different pose. There are a few guidelines and options for producing these photos:

  • In the camera, choose high quality setting and email the full size image
    • Try to have a solid-color wall background without other people or clutter
    • Avoid having one side of the face in dark shadow
    • We only need a photo from the top of the head to just below shoulders
  • Send it in color and we will convert it to black and white for the directory
  • Email the digital file at least 200 kilobytes in size, scan a print and email, or snail mail a print that you like to Stephanie Brown (check the directory for her address)
  • You can contact Stephanie Brown and have us take another one of you.

Thank you all for your cooperation. Most people have found the photos in the directory to be very helpful.

New Member Gathering                                                January 23, 2016

Melinda Anderson Contributed by Melinda Anderson

Five of our newest AAUW members and six experienced members met at Melinda Anderson’s home for an enjoyable morning of refreshments and informal discussion. Five of our current board members plus one former board member welcomed our new members and gave insights into our programs and activities. We had an interesting, in-depth discussion about current and past mentoring programs to promote education for women, including our Sister-to-Sister program for high school girls, our partnership with Yavapai College, and Tech Savvy. It was exciting to see everyone’s enthusiasm for and commitment to our goals for educating and empowering women.


New Member Coffee

Our experienced members shared their current involvement in Interest Groups and various committees. One or more of the board members, representing most AAUW Interest Groups, gave the new members a nice overview of what activities and groups are available and how they can become involved. They also shared stories of good fellowship with AAUW members.

It was a pleasure to spend time with the new members, learning more about them in turn. These gatherings are just one more opportunity to celebrate our new members and our very special branch of AAUW.


Community Action


greenwood claudia“The Programs within the Program are just Awesome!”

Contributed by Claudia Greenwood

This evaluation from one of our guests at Sister-to-Sister on February 11 captures the enthusiasm of many of the 38 students who joined in table conversation, examined their worth, and learned about college from their contemporaries at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Yavapai College.

From the moment the students were welcomed at the tables, they were engaged. “I liked how everyone was so kind to one another. I also liked how everyone was willing to share their stories about college and the tips they gave us.” “I had the chance to talk with people who have had experiences I’m just thinking about. They were very encouraging.”

Many thanks to all who participated this year and the ten other years we have partnered with the Educational Talent Search program of Yavapai College. As Bill Russell, former NBA great, said recently: “Mentors change lives.” I know that we have changed attitudes toward education, if not lives. The encouragement offered at Sister-to-Sister through conversation, through our letters, and through our speakers does make a difference.

We hope that the Department of Education will understand the value of ETS and the opportunities made possible through the Yavapai College program and continue its funding. As soon as we are notified that the program’s grant has been extended, we will begin planning Sister programs for the next five years!

New members, do join us in the future. You, too, have “words of wisdom to share.” Watch for information in the Thumb Sketch and on the website.

Luncheon VIILuncheon 2016 II




This Sister-to-Sister Luncheon was featured in the Daily Courier on February 29, 2016. Read the featured article here...



Scholarship Fundraiser: Wine Tour

“In Vino, Veritas!” and “In Wine Center Tours, Fun!”Wine

Join us for a fun and interesting Bus Trip to Yavapai College-Verde Valley Southwest Wine Center

Dates: Thursday, April 21,2016 or Saturday,May 21,2016


Leaving from Building 19 (Library Building, to the right of the Performing Arts Center)

The $50 cost will include the luxury bus, a snack while on the bus, a tour of the facility, lunch on newly-opened tasting room patio, a five-flight wine tasting, an opportunity to learn about their exciting viticulture degree program (in case you’re looking for a new career opportunity), and a visit to the vineyards.

This event is a fund-raiser for the Centennial Scholarship Fund and Mary Alice Moulton Childcare Assistance Fund.  These scholarships, which are housed with the Yavapai College Foundation, are designed to assist Yavapai College women students obtain their degrees and improve their lives. (You will receive a letter detailing the amount which is eligible for tax deductions.)

Please encourage everyone you know to join us and to bring a friend along for a fun day and a great cause. Participants need not be members of AAUW to join us.

Make checks payable to Yavapai College Foundation, with AAUW Prescott and the date you wish to attend on the memo line.

Checks can mailed directly to:
AAUW treasurer Gayle Rumble
AAUW, P.O. Box 10881, Prescott, AZ 86304.
Please respond by March 15, 2016.

Murphy LynnAnne Barton


Contributed by  Lynne Murphy and Anne Barton.




On Saturday, April 23, 2016, AAUW Prescott and Yavapai College will host its first annual Tech Savvy Conference from 8AM to 4PM at Yavapai College, 1100 E Sheldon St, Prescott, AZ 86301.

This dynamic math and science program will target 7th & 8th grade girls, their parents and teachers. With help from a $5000 grant from AAUW National and others, this conference marks a step in the right direction for girls in Yavapai County.


AAUW Prescott is seeking volunteers to help make this day go smoothly. If you wish to volunteer for all or part of the day, contact Paula Fuhst (AAUW-YCC Liaison) at


Know Your Leaders

Know your Leaders: Molly Divine, New Co-Chair of Public Policy Molly Devine

My husband, Gary Baker, and I moved to Prescott to become full time residents last fall, 2015. Prior to our move we had been splitting time between Lake Oswego, OR, and Surprise, AZ.

I have always lived in the western part of the US, and have moved many times in my adult life. When I  moved I looked for the closest AAUW branch, knowing that is where I would find women with similar interests and that I would quickly make new connections. Prescott AAUW has fulfilled those hopes. I have already agreed to be the co-chair of the Public Policy Committee. It looks to be a great way to come up to speed quickly with Arizona issues.

We are a blended family with 7 children, 12 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren, all of whom live in the western states. I am still employed part-time as a publisher sales representative, which has been my profession for over 35 years. My passions, beside family activities, include; travel, reading, hiking and hand crafts. I also love water activities and am an aqua aerobics instructor. This photo is of me taken in October, 2014, on the steps of the Cathedral of Saint James in Santiago, Spain, after I completed walking, by myself, the Camino de Santiago, walking 500 miles in 42 days.

 Legislative Day

Contributed by Molly Divine

legislative day

Claudia Greenwood, Representative Noel Campbell, Molly Divine Sara Wolters, Lynne Murphy. Photo by Paula Fuhst.

On February 23rd, five members from Prescott AAUW got up very early to drive down to the Arizona State Capitol building, in Phoenix, for the Arizona AAUW Legislative Day. It started with a panel discussion by five members of the Arizona House of Representatives on the topic of education in Arizona. We heard their views on Tax Credits & Empowerment Scholarships, Charter Schools, Higher Education Funding, and Proposition 123 which is coming before the voters in May, 2016.

After a short break we received updates on issues of concern to AAUW members by community activists. These topics included: Women’s Health Issues, Earned Sick Days, Human Trafficking, Prisons, and Education. The five of us from Prescott had a private meeting with one of our local representatives, Noel Campbell. He is at the peak point of activity for this legislative session. We were lucky he was able to meet with us. We expressed our concerns about funding for education in Arizona, and particularly about the upcoming House votes on HB2482, Empowerment Scholarship Expansion.

After a lunch at the cafeteria on the premises, we joined other AAUW members from around the state in the Gallery of the House of Representatives where we were introduced to the legislative body.

Personally, I was happy to have participated. This was the first time I have attended an event like this and I was very impressed with all the information that was relayed to us, and to have the opportunity to see first hand our elected representatives at work. I would strongly encourage other members to attend next year.


Plan to attend the AAUW Arizona Spring Conference 13AZAAUW-TN

Education Advocacy and Leadership Development

Saturday, April 2, 2016      8:00 am – 2:00 pm

El Conquistador at Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center 10555 N. La Cañada Drive, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Read more about Spring Conference and get registration forms here! 

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February Highlights


Travel Group ExhibitWe learned more about the Travel Group at the February General Meeting from Bonnie Waterer. Other groups represented were Craft, Great Decisions, and Singles.




The February General Meeting provided a great opportunity to mix and mingle before hearing about Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Choice in Twentieth Century Arizona from guest speaker, Dr. Mary Melcher. A myriad of questions and comments made for a lively discussion following the talk.  Photos taken by  Dot Williamson and presented here by Elaine Lawson.