Newsletter November-December 2017

President’s Message

Fall has come very quickly, or so it seems, so winter can’t be far behind. I seem to remember that on November 4th, two years ago, it snowed! Are we ready for that yet? As in the old hide and seek game, “Ready or not, here I come!”

What a wonderful start we had in September for the new AAUW year. We were very close to breaking an attendance record and had to bring in chairs from the YC snack area! What a problem! We could do that every month and I’d be a happy camper!

Coming very soon is the Arizona State AAUW Fall Forum, and it promises to be time and money well spent. The speakers are top notch and it will be a great way to start the month of November. So, I hope you’re registered and ready to go. Deb Dillon has done a lot of intensive planning for this gathering which will include AAUW members from around the state.

One of my major goals this year is to gain and keep members. Every year new women join and then just sort of fade away, not rejoining the next year. I firmly believe that, if new members will jump right in with both feet, attend meetings, get involved in interest groups, volunteer when the opportunity arises, and get to know other members, they’ll want to be a part of this fantastically intelligent group of women! Recently, I saw a newer member, Kelsey Wilkes, and said to her, “You are my hero!” She was sort of taken back and had no idea what would possess me to say that. About a week later I saw her again and filled in the blank. I told her that I admired her for not sitting on her hands, but for stepping right up when there was a need and saying, “I can do that!” Another newer member who has jumped right in is Lenore Hemphill. We can thank her for taking the responsibility for the wonderful display in the Prescott Public Library Viewerie! She took charge of the planning and purchasing of materials and made sure there were women (plus one spouse) to put it all together…..the funny thing is that she left the country before we got it all up! She returned with just a couple of days to rush down and see it. The important thing is, she didn’t let the planned trip get in her way of saying, “Yes, I can do that”. These are only two of our amazing newer members who have gotten their feet wet.

If you’re nervous about trying to get to know members, try something like The Lunch Bunch. Recently, they had two new members join them for lunch, and now those women know more than a dozen others. All they had to do was RSVP and go to lunch. Or, you might join the Hiking Group. You’ll not only get to enjoy the beautiful Prescott trails, but you’ll meet others interested in a like activity. How about one of the many book groups? There are many ways to get involved. A new interest group which is just forming is a golfing group. Guess who jumped right in? New member, Marjory Sente! She already has ten interested women on the list! Hooray for Marjory!

You may also sign up for a service activity like Sister-to-Sister in the spring or help with the planning committee for the spring scholarship fundraiser, An Artful Afternoon in the Garden, or the Summer Social. Just don’t be afraid to dangle your feet in the water and become a part of AAUW Prescott. To quote someone I know well, after attending her first AAUW function, “I’ve never been around so many intelligent women!”

Come on in, the water’s fine……..maybe frozen by now, but fine nevertheless!
Lynne Murphy. President AAUW Prescott


November 4th: AAUW State Fall Forum in Prescott

We’re excited about the Arizona AAUW Fall Forum coming up November 4th in Prescott.  The Prescott Branch is hosting this event, and we appreciate the effort our members have made to make it a success.

The Forum is focusing on varied aspects of women’s health: women’s health care on the reservation, campus safety, and civil discourse.  Click here to see the program. We are hopeful that attendees will take valuable information back to their branches.

November 11th: General Meeting

Senior Peer Prevention Program: Learn about this Dynamic Program
from program manager Connie Boston

Connie Boston

The program offered by West Yavapai Guidance Clinic is an innovative, evidence based program that has been a part of the clinic for 29 years. It provides free services to older adults who are vulnerable to depression and possible suicide because they experience little social connection due to isolation.
Connie will provide information useful information about the program to AAUW members and guests. The physical and mental health benefits of volunteering will also be discussed. General information about all the behavioral treatments services of West Yavapai Guidance will be shared.

December 9th: Holiday Brunch

You’re Invited to the
Annual Holiday Brunch

The Club at Prescott Lakes
311 E. Smoketree Lane, Prescott

December 9th at 9:00am
Cost: $20

Honoring “new” 50-year members
Mover & Shaker & Rookie of the Year Awards

Click here for reservation form

Click here for the awards nomination form

This year, we will honor our Star Awardees (50-year members) and announce the Mover & Shaker and Rookie of the Year awards. Entertainment will be provided by the Yavapai College Women’s Chorale.  This wonderful singing group will certainly get us in the holiday spirit.

The Mover & Shaker award and Rookie of the Year award honor Prescott AAUW members for dedicated service and exemplary contributions in advancing our Mission: “AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.” If you would like to nominate someone for either of these awards, fill out a nomination form (click here for form) and submit it to President Lynne Murphy or turn it in at the November general meeting.  

The three brunch choices (see reservation form) include coffee, tea and water.   
Please send your registration form and check, made out to AAUW Prescott (with Holiday Brunch on the memo line), to Katie Wrigley (address in the directory) or to AAUW at PO Box 10881, Prescott, AZ  86304.

Reservation forms and checks can be mailed or you can make your reservation at the  November general meeting.  Please make sure to include your menu choice .

Red Envelope Event at Holiday Brunch
This is also our annual red envelope event supporting National AAUW scholarships.  Red envelopes will be available for members who wish to make contributions to this national fund.  Please make your tax-deductible donation payable to AAUW Funds.  If you wish, you may specify on your check a fund you wish to benefit:  Legal Advocacy, Education, Research or Leadership.  You may also make a general donation that will be distributed as needed. For more information, see our National AAUW website 


AAUW Prescott Showcased in the LIbrary Viewery

During the month of October AAUW Prescott was on display at the Viewery. It has been a nice opportunity for increased visibility for our branch. The project was spearheaded by Lenore Hemphill, Gail Shay & Molly Divine. The actual installation was carried out by Dot Williamson, Molly Divine & Lynne Murphy. 

Public Policy


Becky Gunn, Co-Leader Public Policy



On Tuesday, October 3, the Public Policy Committee, attended by a dozen members, hosted Liz Higgins Frost, Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  Ms. Riddle has been their Title IX Coordinator since 2011, but has 15 years of experience administering the Title IX program.  Her presentation gave an overview (summarized below) of the Title IX program, including its history, implementation and its current concerns. A copy of her presentation is available from Becky Gunn upon request.

National AAUW has issued many supportive statements regarding the ongoing importance of Title IX for women’s rights.  See for information on issues on which the AAUW takes positions.

The Public Policy Committee will again meet on November 7 at 1 pm in the Elsea Room of the Prescott Public Library where we will have a presentation by a representative of the League of Women Voters speaking about a presentation to them in September by the Yavapai County Recorders/Elections Office.  The focus is on understanding voter registration and participation in Yavapai County. 

Presentation Summary

 (Note: the presentation consists of 59 slides, hence this summary is cursory at best.)

  • Title IX is a protection of the right of participation regardless of ‘sex’ in education programs and activities if that program receives any federal financial assistance.
  • It is NOT male bashing, just for athletics or victim blaming.
  • The law was signed in 1972 (then primarily focused on athletics) but was not implemented until 1975.  In 1980 the Department of Education was created.  In 1990 the Student Right-to-know Act was passed, and was later (1998) renamed the Clery Act.  This Act added sexual harassment and violence issues to Title IX.  Dear Colleague letters were the primary administrative guidance tool for addressing sexual violence, victim and respondent rights, and administrative ways of handling these issues.  It should be emphasized that the rights of BOTH parties in a reported incident have been seriously guarded.
  • Recently the newest Dear Colleague letter (Sept 22, 2017) refined some of the administrative rules.  According to our presenter these rules may require some clarifications.
  • It is clear that enforcement of Title IX is complex and filled with nuances that in some cases lead to difficult ethical situations.
  • There is an ongoing commitment on the part of the Title IX Coordinators to continue the administration of Title IX with the belief that much has been achieved through Title IX procedures.

Note:  there will be a presentation regarding Title IX at our General Meeting in April.  This topic is also the priority of the State Public Policy Committee headed by Deb Dillon.  On the Prescott AAUW Website there is a section entitled “Celebrate Title IX” which has information forwarded each month by the State organization regarding its work on Title IX.


Reality Store a Success!

Submitted by Pat Mann, Leader of the Program

AAUW-Prescott’s Community Action experiential event “The Reality Store” was presented on Sept. 14, in collaboration with Yavapai College. It was targeted at girls and boys, 7th grade and up through high school.

At The Reality Store®, students select a career. They then learn the monthly salary of that job. Then they enter “The Reality Store” where they will spend their salary by making choices on housing, clothing, car, and much more, that they envision as part of their adult lifestyle. This event helps students learn the real cost of living and whether their occupation will provide the type of lifestyle they expect and want. If not, what could they do differently?

We had about 60 students in attendance. They also attended 3 workshops on Job Interviewing, financing college, and what’s it like to be a college student. They were encouraged to develop themselves and their personal skills in order to be more valuable in the job market.

The student evaluation forms overwhelmingly reported that they learned a lot and that they would try harder at school and plan more for their futures. They expressed surprise at how much it costs to live relative to the wages that they could earn as a 25-year-old in Yavapai County. As always, they were shocked at the amount of taxes that would be taken out of their paychecks!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help at this year’s event. The staff at Yavapai College was very pleased, and we plan to partner together on this event and others in the future.

Partners in Students’ Success

greenwood claudia

Submitted by Claudia Greenwood, LEAD program

AAUW members who participated in the Yavapai College LEAD program celebrated with students at the end of summer classes.  At final dinners on both the Yavapai and Verde Valley campuses students recounted moments from their LEAD experience and thanked all of the adults who made the transition from high school to college easier than  they had expected.  Those adults included AAUW members.

AAUW members, too, were pleased that they had the opportunity to share in the growth of the young women they met and supported throughout the eight weeks of summer classes.  Kelsey Wilkes summed up her experience with her student:  “When she spoke at the final celebration I felt like a proud mother.”  Over the summer her student , supported by faculty, advisors, and other students, had become confident about her future.  Kelsey continued contact with her as she became involved in her fall semester.     

Lenore Hemphill also enjoyed the program.  Lenore noted that her student changed dramatically from the first meeting when she was unsure and reserved.  By the program’s end she was “bubbly and talkative” and grateful that she had been given the chance to develop more meaningful relationships than she had in high school.  Lenore felt that the program was most satisfying in that it enabled her to “see into the life of a young woman starting her journey to adulthood.”

Anne Jacques felt that the program as a whole was as successful as it was because of the careful planning by the two YC staff leaders:  Janice Soutee and Lisa Schlegel .  The students were afforded many opportunities to explore not only their college curricula, but also other colleges and activities unique to Arizona.

LEAD represents the mission of AAUW: to support young women as they continue their education beyond high school.


“Around the World In Eighty Books”

October 27, 2017 Authors’ Luncheon
Click Here for Slideshow of the event

Approximately 100 AAUW members and their guests attended this year’s Fall Scholarship Fundraiser in the Community Room at Yavapai College.  They made new acquaintances, dined on international foods, appreciated the festive décor and slide show, vied to take home one of the sumptuous gift baskets, and heard from enthusiastic and informative speakers.  All monies, after expenses, will be divided between our two local scholarships—the Mary Alice Moulton Fund and the Centennial Fund.

Our panel moderator was Denise Woolsey, from Yavapai College.  Our speakers included:  Sandra Sarles, Master’s Touch Travel, Shannon Schinagl, Prescott Library, Ruthie Hewitt, Prescott Library, Reva Sherrard, Peregrine Books and Sean McDermott, Peregrine Books.  All gave each attendee something new to laugh about, learn about and think about in a new way. A reading challenge was issued—80 travel related books between now and next year’s event–October 26, 2018.


Travel Discussion Group

Kathy Lopez

Kathy Lopez,Co-Leader

Enjoy a brief slide show of photos from Travel Group members

The AAUW Travel Discussion Group meets in the Prescott Public Library, Founder’s Room on the 2nd Tuesday, alternate months, 1:30-3:30 pm. Join Us! Kathy Lopez and Janet Orr, Co-Coordinators, email directly or 

September 12th The members had a lively and informative discussion about independent travel: choosing a destination, visas, coordinating wants and needs of companions, budget, insurance, day tours, etc. Members shared tips and pics and answered questions about their trips to Mexico and Central America.

  • Nov 14, China and Mongolia, Traveling with a tour
  • Jan 9, South Africa and Zimbabwe, Traveling with family/friends
  • March 13, Western Canada & NW United States, Camping/RVs
  • May 8, Colombia/ Northern South America, Solo Travel
  • July 10, Planning for Next Year – Picnic!

Healthy Living Group – First Tuesday Morning

Tracy Smiles

Tracy Smiles

The Healthy Living group has begun a three-month series of workshops, all on topics associated with balance. Our presenter for all three workshops is Karen Russell who is Community Liason for Mountain Valley Rehabilitation Hospital in Prescott Valley.

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 10:00am in the Elsea Room at the Prescott Library.
Any interested AAUW members are invited to attend! Contact group leader Tracy Smiles at

  • October: Fall Prevention – Balance Recovery Strategies
  • November: Sensory Integration: How our eyes, feet and inner ear affect balance 
  • December: Center of Gravity Control

3rd Friday Morning — PV Book Group

Goe Susan

Susan Goe

The Prescott Valley Book Group will meet on Friday, November 17th, at 10:00 a.m. for our last meeting in 2017.  We will distribute our finalized reading list for 2018.  Our book for November is “Palestine Speaks:  Narratives of Life Under Occupation.”

The PV Book Group meets on the 3rd Friday of the month at the Prescott Valley Library. We have space available for new members.  If you are interested, contact Susan Goe  ( or just come to our meeting on November 17th!