September-October Newsletter 2016 Vol 65 No 5

President’s Message

Deb Dillon

Deb Dillon, President

With the coming of fall, it would be hard to miss the fact that election season is upon us. With that in mind, our September general meeting, “It’s Your Vote,” will focus on a variety of election issues.

I believe voting is a fundamental issue for AAUW. If we, the educated, intelligent women of AAUW, don’t vote, we are ceding control at all levels of our government to others who do care enough to vote. Whether your issues/concerns are education or equal rights, the judiciary or the military, this is your opportunity to weigh in.

The National AAUW Action Fund has produced a variety of voter guides as a public service. The guides may be found at this website. These guides provide nonpartisan information about candidates’ positions on issues and are not intended to be an endorsement of any candidate or political party.

As we are all aware, Hillary Clinton has become the first woman to be nominated for the U.S. Presidency by a major political party. However, as with most achievements, she is not the first to start down that path. Here’s some information/reminders about some of the women who laid the groundwork for this event.

Victoria Woodhull (1872) was the first woman to run for President of the United States as the candidate for the Equal Rights Party. A pioneering suffragette, Woodhull’s groundbreaking run for the presidency is even more impressive when we consider that she ran for president in a time when women did not even have the legal right to vote. Women who showed up at the polls to vote for any party in the 1872 election were arrested.

In 1884, Belva Ann Lockwood accomplished something Woodhull couldn’t in ‘72: she became the first woman to appear as a candidate on official ballots. It was reported that Lockwood received approximately 4,000 votes in the election, though she believed this number was actually significantly higher.

Margaret Chase Smith ran for the Republican ticket in 1964 against Barry Goldwater, and became the first woman ever to receive more than one vote at a major party convention (27…out of 1,308). She lost every primary in the election, but did manage to win 25% of the vote in Illinois.

Shirley Chisholm was the first black woman elected to Congress in the United States. In 1972 she announced her bid for the presidency under the Democratic Party and took her campaign all the way to the DNC. At the Convention in Miami, Hubert Humphrey released his black delegates to vote for Chisholm, which helped Chisholm to win 152 votes.

In 1984, Minnesota Senator Walter Mondale made history when he chose New York congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro to be his running mate for vice president. It was the first time a woman’s name appeared as the V.P. candidate on a major-party ticket.

Elizabeth Dole’s story reads a lot like a Republican version of Hillary Clinton’s continuing legacy. The wife of U.S. Senate Majority Leader and both presidential and vice presidential nominee Bob Dole, Elizabeth had an impressive political career of her own. She ran for the Republican nomination in the 2000 presidential election, but dropped out of the race before any primaries took place, mostly due to insufficient campaign funds.

Information taken from the blog 12 Women Who Ran For President Before Hillary by Rebecca Bohanan, 7/25/16

Deb Dillon

General Meeting: September 10

It’s Your Vote – Election November 8, 2016

A Factual Guide to the State Propositions and Local Candidates


voteWelcome back from the “dog days of summer.” Catch up with friends, meet some new ones, and get information about state and national election issues at the September meeting. We’ll begin with social time at 9:00AM, followed by general announcements at 9:30AM; our featured program begins at 10:00AM.

September’s program will focus on the November election and will have two parts.

First, we’ll focus on the ballot initiatives for Arizona. At this point, there appear to be three that meet the criteria and qualify for the November ballot, though there are still legal challenges on two. The three  initiatives are the Fair Wages and Healthy Family Act (minimum wage), the Campaign to Legalize & Regulate Marijuana and the Hospital Executive Compensation Act.

Our speaker will be Stuart Goodman, Principal of Goodman-Schwartz Public Affairs. He will present information from his firm’s well-respected “Voting Guide to Ballot Initiatives” for the 2016 election. They have prepared similar information for each election since 2008.

The second part of our program will focus on our National AAUW Voter Issues. AAUW believes that, “When women vote, we change the conversation.” Our public policy co-chair, Molly Divine, will present information on the National AAUW Initiatives, Prescott branch’s public policy activities, and how AAUW Prescott members can make a difference both locally and nationally. We will also utilize a non-partisan tool from AAUW to help determine where our local candidates stand on issues related to our organization’s priorities.

Voter registration will be available. The meeting will be in the Community Room at the Yavapai College Library.

Public Policy Group Schedules Planning Meeting in September

Molly DivineDATE: Tuesday, September 6, 2016
WHERE: Prescott Public Library, Elsea room, 1:00 p.m.

The September meeting will primarily be a planning meeting for the coming year. We’ll have a discussion about how to participate in a Get Out The Vote Campaign that is being promoted by the AAUW Action Fund. We’ll also discuss the possibility of conducting an in-depth study this year on one aspect of education in Arizona. Please plan on joining us as we gather to start the new program year. 

October General Meeting is Saturday, October 8

Banned Books and the Public Library: To Every Reader, Her Book

Submitted by Jeanette Polvani

With seven of our interest groups centered around books, October’s program will remind us how critical and important books have been in shaping our democracy and culture. Join us to learn about US library policies and banned books. Please bring a book to share for participants in our sister-to-sister program.

Two dynamic speakers from the Prescott Public Library are featured in the October Program:

Martha BadenJennifer KendallMartha Baden, Library Manager and Jennifer Kendall, Lead Librarian for Youth Services      

Put the October 8 General Meeting in your calendar and don’t miss this event!


Give Teachers a Hand Ready for New School Year

Contributed by Linda Frith


School is starting and it is time to support our teachers again with our program “Give Teachers a Hand”.

 There are two ways to help:

First, if you’d like to donate your TIME to a classroom, please contact Linda Frith and she will connect you to the volunteer coordinator for your desired school district. Linda’s contact information is in the directory.

Secondly, if you’d like to donate money, which goes 100% to the teacher and is 100% tax deductable, see the Adopt-A-Classroom website

Let us all get on board and do something to impact our schools this school year!

Prescott Women Magazine Notes Work of AAUW Prescott

President Deb Dillon’s article describing how AAUW Prescott has touched the lives of  recent scholarship recipients appears in the August-September edition of Prescott Woman.  Read it here:  Prescott Women Magazine

Sign Up for Great Decisions—2017Foreign Policy Associaiton

We’re taking sign-ups for the 2017 Great Decisions groups! Great Decisions, a national program sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association, is a wonderful way to learn about global affairs while staying away from political positions. Each year, we obtain booklets and DVDs from the Foreign Policy Association that showcase current world issues and how they affect the United States. Before the monthly meetings, group members read an assigned article in the booklet that highlights a relevant global issue. At the meetings, we watch a short DVD and then have wonderful and enlightening discussions. You can get more information about Great Decisions and the topics for the 2017 year from the Foreign Policy Association website.

The charge for the booklets, DVD, and shipping runs around $25 (give or take) per person/couple.

We currently have two groups that meet during the day and two evening groups. We may add another day group. For the evening group you may include your spouse, but it is not required.

Both day groups and a Thursday Evening group are full; however we are taking names for a new day group (day and time to be determined) and referring those who want to participate in an evening group to Diane Shrager who is heading up a new 2nd Wednesday evening group.

Your response, preferably by e-mail, is needed no later than October 10 so we can finalize the groups and get the booklets and DVDs ordered. Please contact Gayle Rumble if you are interested in being part of the dynamic and enlightening discussions that Great Decisions groups enjoy. If you are specifically interested in the 2nd Wednesday Evening Group, contact Diane Shrager. Both Gayle and Diane’s contact information is in our directory.

October 22 Date Set for the Children’s Authors’ Luncheon

Submitted by Ann Barton

Diane Iverson

Author-Illustrator, Diane Iverson is a featured author at the luncheon.

Who Do You Know Who Loves

  • reading?
  • learning about new books and ideas?
  • sharing books titles that are interesting and exciting? 
  • seeing young people develop a love of literature?

Invite all those who fit this description to our 2016 AAUW Authors’ Luncheon on Saturday, October 22, 2016. The event will begin at 11:30AM in the Community Room at Yavapai College. 

The cost is $25.00 a person and includes delicious food, great company, wonderful baskets themed around children’s literature, speakers who will fill your mind with new ideas, AND the opportunity to have a Little Free Library of your own, specially made for our event. The Library will come with starter books, a post, and free installation! See another article in this newsletter for more information about the Little Free Library.

Please plan to attend and bring a friend along to enjoy a unique AAUW event that will support our Yavapai Scholarship students.

Sign up at the September or October General Meeting or let Gayle Rumble know you will be attending via e-mail.  Checks for the event should be made out to the Yavapai College Foundation, with a notation For AAUW Scholarship Funds on the Notes line.

Summer LEAD Program a Great Success!

Submitted by Claudia Greenwood

Students testified to the success of this summer's LEAD program.

Students testified to the success of this summer’s LEAD program.

Those of us who drove to Yavapai College’s Verde campus to meet students participating in the summer program are convinced they will succeed. Although our role was limited this year to luncheon visitations and a dinner celebration, we agree that these young women are well on their way to achieving their goals. The college staff had planned and implemented a program that included academic support on the Verde campus as well as opportunities to explore other schools and career options.

Many thanks to Anne Jacques, Pamela Evans, Cher Barton, Gail Shay, Cathy Cunningham, Dot Williamson, Sara Wolters and Claudia Greenwood.

Sharing Stories I

Sharing stories, sharing lunch.

************* Good News from Claudia! *************

Claudia Greenwood has just received word that AAUW Prescott’s partner in the Sister-to-Sister program, ETS, has secured federal funding for another five years! We look forward to meeting the new director and starting to plan for another luncheon in February. Watch for updates!

Authors’ Luncheon to Feature Little Free Library

Submitted by Lynne Murphey

Little LibraryAt the Children’s Authors Luncheon on October 22, 2016, among other things, we will offer participants an opportunity to own a Little Free Library. If you’re not familiar with them, check out their website at Little Free Library.

There are a number of Little Free Libraries here in Prescott. Two prominent Libraries can be spotted by Lincoln School on Park Avenue and just outside El Gato Azul restaurant on Goodwin Street. The AAUW Scholarship team is having one specially built for the October Luncheon and some lucky person will come away with this unique gift. If you are the lucky person, you’ll be able to “plant” it right in front of your house or perhaps give it as a gift. The Little  Free Library will come equipped with both children and adult books, which are designed to be borrowed, and then replaced, by people passing by.

Tickets will be sold at the September and October meetings for $10 each and on the day of the luncheon as well. The Little Free Libraries are valued at upwards of $250. AAUW will pay the $40 registration fee for the person who wins the prize.

Plan now to attend the luncheon! You will hear local authors Diane Iverson and Cindy Gessler (plus her illustrator Fil Kewanyama), as well as Karen Hughes, principal of Lincoln Elementary School. You’ll enjoy a delicious lunch and you can purchase books from both the authors and Peregrine Book Store. Plus, you may win the Little Free Library!



The Wine Tour “Flows” Again

Missed the Spring Tours to the Yavapai College Southwest Wine Center? 

Are you in luck! Wine Tour Scheduled for November 4!

April Wine Tour

Participants were all smiles before, during, and after previous wine tours.

Join us on Friday, November 4, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. We meet in the Community Room at Yavapai College then head out to the bus which will take us to the YC Campus in the Verde Valley.

The $50 cost includes transportation via luxury bus, a snack while on the bus, a tour of the facility, lunch on the tasting room patio, a five-flight wine tasting, an opportunity to learn about the college’s exciting viticulture degree program, and a visit to the vineyards.

This event is a fund-raiser for the AAUW Centennial Scholarship Fund and the Mary Alice Moulton Childcare Assistance Fund. These scholarships, which are a part of the Yavapai College Foundation, are designed to assist Yavapai College women students obtain their degrees and improve their lives. (Make out your checks to Yavapai College Foundation. You will receive a letter detailing the amount which is eligible for tax deductions.)

Travel Discussion Group Pictures Capture Lively and Informed-Filled Gathering in July! 

Click on this link to see the great photos: Travel Group Photo Page

New Healthy Living Interest Group Sets Meeting Schedule

Submitted by Marlene Walsh

Marlene WalshWhat does healthy living mean to you? Recently a group of interested AAUW members met to share their views. A lively and varied discussion was held in order to determine what this new Interest Group should look like.

To help us work together towards healthy living for the group members, a mission statement was developed. The Healthy Living Group’s mission is to share information that will stimulate, motivate and educate, helping members to incorporate healthy living practices into their everyday lives, while allowing for individual differences.

The group members will take turns leading the discussion on a chosen topic each month. Many varied and interesting topics have been suggested for discussion, including aspects of healthy nutrition, boosting immunity, meditation benefits, oral health, motivation, hydration, aerobic exercise, improving balance, exercise to strengthen back muscles, stress, and health resources. Individual members have volunteered to present information for discussion for the first six months. Those topics and presenters are listed on our new Interest Group page on the Prescott AAUW website here. Sara DeRouchey will be our contact person for the website and for other members who are interested in joining us.

The group plans to meet on the first Tuesday of each month at Prescott Public Library, Elsea Room from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon. Due to room availability, we will meet earlier on two occasions. Those dates are available on the Healthy Living Interest Group page also.

If you are interested in this brand new group please consider joining us!

Interest Groups Send Pictures to Thumb Sketch

Geochaching, Travel Discussion, and Dining in All Directions groups check in.

AAUW geocachers have great fun together!

AAUW Prescott geocachers have great fun together! Go to our Geocaching Page to find out about our monthly outings.




Margie, Gayle, Laury, and June at Travel Meeting. For more infoPlanning for the year, Margie, Gayle, Laury, and June met with others at the Travel Discussion Group’s July meeting. See more pictures here 





 The Dining in all Directions interest group kicked off its year with an organizational meeting. The potluck dinner gathered the mini-groups together to set dinner dates and to catch up on members’ summer activities.

 Don’t Miss This!

AAUW Fall Forum Set!

Saturday, November 5, 2016, 
at Scottsdale Community College 
9000 E. Chaparral Road,  Scottsdale, AZ 85256
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Go to these AAUW Arizona website links to get more information for this informative day:

Program Schedule: Fall Forum 2016 Schedule

Registration Form: Fall Forum Registration Form

attendees at the Regional Conference

Several AAUW Prescott members attended this summer’s Regional Conference in Albuquerque. Get a summary and more photos in the state newsletter and website




AAUW Prescott Tech Savvy Given Go-Ahead for Spring 2017

Please consider volunteering for this valuable event!

Submitted by Deb White

This past spring, AAUW’s Tech Savvy Program had its Arizona debut here in Prescott. In cooperation with Yavapai College, girls in Grades 6-9 came from all areas of Northern Arizona to participate. The response by everyone– students, parents, and volunteers alike– was enthusiastic. We have now been given the go-ahead from both AAUW National and the Prescott Branch to plan for another Tech Savvy event in the spring of 2017.  We are submitting our paperwork, due August 29, and then we have to move on planning. 

We are looking at a date earlier in April this time around and we need volunteers! Formal planning  begins in September. Please contact Deb White for more information. Deb’s contact information can be found in our directory.