Public Policy addresses and studies issues of the day that affect our Local Communities Constitution Avenue and First Streetand our State and National interests. With board consent, action may be taken that underscores our Mission.

The Prescott AAUW Public Policy Group meets the 1st Tuesday of each month, September through May, from 1:00-3:00 PM at the Prescott Public Library, Elsea room, unless otherwise notified. 

Facilitators for 2017-2018 are Becky Gunn and  Deb White

AAUW Biennial Action Priorities for 2017-2019

The 2017-19  Public Policy Program brochure is available to the membership at this link. Additionally, brochures will be available at the Monthly General meetings.

The Two-Minute Activist is a service from AAUW National and is offered to all members. Sent through member emails, it encourages members to TAKE ACTION by contacting their elected representatives in support of issues that are of importance to AAUW policies and mission. Click on the link at the sidebar to register for this. 

AAUW encourages everyone to get involved and TAKE ACTION!
Public Policy Brochure for 2017-2019

Coming Soon: AAUW Prescott Public Policy Focus for 2017-2019

Public Policy Meeting Schedule 2017-2018

Date / Time
LocationTopic / PresenterDescription
Sep 5 /
1 p.m.
Prescott Public Library, Elsea Room (2nd floor)Planning meeting.We will be planning topics for meetings, possible speakers and action involvement for this year.
Oct 3 /
1 p.m.
Prescott Public Library, Elsea Room Title IX / Liz Higgins Frost, Associate Dean of Students, Embry-RiddleTitle IX history, legal trends, ‘Dear Colleague Letters’, and how our three local colleges adjudicate cases.
Nov 7 /
1 p.m.
Prescott Public Library, Elsea RoomElection issues / Terri Farneti, president of the local chapter of the League of Women VotersVoter fraud, poll workers, voter demographics, voter registration, how ballots are counted, etc.
Dec 5 /
1 p.m.
Prescott Public Library, Elsea RoomSchool Vouchers / LaBeth Pondish, Vice Chair for Political Action of the Yavapai County Democratic Party. Further information on the October meeting discussions as well as new information from the Arizona Education Association.
Jan 2 No meeting in January.
Feb 6 /
1 p.m.
Prescott Public Library, Elsea RoomPreparation for Legislative Day. We will focus on preparation for the State Legislature Day which will discuss the Equal Rights Amendment and on how to get women to run for office.
Feb 21 / tbaCapitol Complex, Phoenix, AZLegislative Day. Click here for more information.
Mar 6 / 1 p.m.Prescott Public Library, Elsea RoomTBATBA
Apr 3 /
1 p.m.
Prescott Public Library, Elsea RoomTBATBA
May 1 /
1 p.m.
Prescott Public Library, Elsea RoomTBATBA