Color Palette

Color Theory Presentation (Feb 2016):  Download PDF

AAUW Color Palette from AAUW Branding Guide

AAUW Palette with correct HEX codes and RGB values:


Two Color Harmonies that work well for our website and newsletter

  • Tetradic:  Leaf Green – Honey Gold – Perfect Ruby – Eggplant    Example webpage
  • Square:   Leaf Green–  Paprika – Perfect Ruby – Admiral Blue    Example webpage

Some General Color Guidelines

  • Leaf Green in the side panels is the dominant color on all pages
  • Pick one main color to be used full strength.  The other colors should be used in smaller quantities or as tints, shades or tones.
  • Fern green is a darker value of Leaf Green so it can be used without affecting color harmony.
  • White, black and gray are neutral and thus can be used with any harmony.
  • Darker values such as Admiral Blue, Eggplant, Fern, and shades work best for text.  Darker values contrast with white backgrounds to increase readability.

Use Color Picker (or your graphics program) to get tints, shades and tones of AAUW colors:

  • Type in an AAUW color HEX code
    • Drag the bubble toward the upper left corner for tints
    • Drag the bubble downward for shades
    • Drag the bubble toward the left for tones
  • Record the resulting HEX code for your selection
  • All hues in the box are variations of the AAUW hues and will thus harmonize in the same way
  • Note that the upper right hand corner is the ‘pure’ hue that determines where the color fits on the color wheel. 






Tints, Shades and Tones of the AAUW Palette